Welcome to our journey


Hi, my name is Jerry, and this is my wife Toni. We’ve been together for over 17 years, second marriages for both of us. After raising four kids, who have given us one granddaughter so far, we took a long hard look at ourselves and realized, if we didn’t do something to change some of our unhealthy habits, we might not live to see our granddaughter’s graduation.

I am more than a hundred pounds overweight making me, by today’s standards, morbidly obese. My wife, on the other hand, is in the overweight category, but wants to lose around fifty pounds total.

We researched many, many different diet plans and lifestyle changes to try and come up with what we thought would best fit our life, without causing too much stress or strain.

Throughout our research we found lots of diets that were calorie restrictive. We found lots of diets that were high carb low fat medium protein. We found a few that said eat the grass and twigs. What we decided  was the ketogenic diet best fit our lifestyle because it allowed us a lot of freedom to eat the foods that we are accustomed to and this included bacon, which made it a no-brainer for me.

On our website, ketocouplesjourney.com, along with our YouTube page and Facebook page, we will present our journey, stretch marks, fat guts, weight loss, recipes and basically everything that we do and eat. We decided to do this with the help of our friend Sarah Love, because during all of our research we found thousands of websites and other formats that gave you tons of information on the science behind the diet.  We also found hundreds that featured the way that certain people wound up looking like fitness models, and other various things that don’t really apply to our lives. It’s our hope that by following us, you will be able to see real, live transformations in our bodies and all the steps that go into achieving this goal.

We’re not going to pretend to be anything that we aren’t, we’re middle-aged grandparents who don’t exercise a lot and enjoy the taste of food. We are not scientists, although we will present numerous posts about the science behind what we are doing.  Basically, we just want this to be a journey that helps Inspire others to make themselves healthier. We’re opening ourselves up to ridicule but hopefully, we will also be opening up our lives to you, to help you on your journey.

We look forward to sharing our lives with all of you. We hope that in the process you will also share your lives with us, so that knowledge can be shared among all of us. Life is too short not to live to your fullest potential, we have had an extraordinary life and we want that to continue for many years to come.

We will also feature the journey of some of our friends and relatives. So be prepared for some real, in your face, people trying to live a little better.

We hope you will join us and we look forward to everyone’s progress.

Keto Couples Journey