Jerry’s Thoughts 7/6/18

Hitting milestones along this journey has been amazing. In the beginning, I’m not sure that I had any real expectations for this endeavor. I just said yes and figured that it would wind up like all of my million other efforts at losing weight and becoming healthier.

I love where I am now, but because my wife is so amazing and has loved me from small to big and back again, I was never truly unhappy enough to want to change.

It was my granddaughter learning to walk that set everything on its ear. When I couldn’t get down on the floor and back up again in time to catch up to her, I started to realize that something had to give.

The keto diet has been amazing. I saw such amazing losses in the very beginning, that keeping up with it has been simple. Even after big splurges like the Chinese buffet (a serious personal weakness of mine) my weight only fluctuated slightly and then back to losing almost immediately. The past 2 months have been the slowest overall when it comes to weight loss, but I am blaming it partially on the fact that we spent nearly a month on site at a music festival and working as much as possible during the summer months.

I am nearing 100 lbs of loss (see the picture for today’s weight) and I am incredibly excited. I stand a serious chance of being at my goal weight (250 lbs) before my birthday (9/11). I didn’t think I’d see that until 2019 when we began.

If you need to change, try the keto diet, it has been miraculous in our case.

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Good luck on your journey!


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